Who are We?

Slate Your Date came about after 3 twenty-something ladies had a little bit of wine and a lot of bad dates. We are self confessed dating addicts with plenty of experience to share.

Why call it “Slate your Date”

We were thinking, remember that site “rate my teacher”? That was a great idea. It gave parents an idea of what a certain school’s was like, it gave the education system a reason to review its procedures and it gave students an opportunity to vent. Well why isn’t there something similar online that warns you that John, 28 who’s Tinder profile claims he “loves outdoor activities and good wine” is actually an extremely arrogant scruffball that is married and has a tiny p**** when you meet him.

Why do it?

Well with Tinder, Plenty of Fish, OK Cupid etc now dominating the world of romance we figured now it is the time.That’s why.Also there are a lot of funny date stories out there that need to be shared. To quote Taylor Swift, if “Players gonna play” then slaters should slate. 🙂

Have you ever had a date?

Oh we know you have. Care to share? Good or bad date, straight, LGBT, single, married whatevs,  we would love to hear from you. Chat to us through the contact us page. 

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