Rate The Place – Koh Restaurant

Koh has to be on the top of the best places for a dinner date in Dublin. We are talking award winning cocktails, Asian fusion style food, and the best part: individual booths which are hard to find that make it a little more special and provide you with that nice bit of privacy.

Situated in the Italian quarter, Koh is comprised of three sections, a cocktail bar and the main restaurant and an outdoor terrace for that odd sunny day. There is an air of elegance the minute you walk through the door. The decor is chic, filled with rich oak and autumn tones the music is relaxed and jazzy  at just the right level.


koh dinner.png

The Food:

One vegan and one meat eater checked Koh out and both felt that the menu had brilliant options. Everything was moreish and there’s no way you’d want to share. The food was almost too well presented to eat and it was hard to resist peeking at other peoples dinners. Allergen advice and spice level was also listed which made the vegan’s life easier and they were very obliging with our menu adaptations for the fuss pots who don’t like certain ingredients.

Check out the menu here. 

The Service:

Firstly we were greeted by a suited and booted attractive host and asked whether we would like to have a drink at the bar first or go straight through. He walked us through and were then greeted by our server who showed us to our corner booth. We were handed our menus and given water as we started to browse. She took us through specials and offered to recommend items. Food arrived promptly and the changeover between courses was swift.

The Atmosphere:

Calm and jazzy. We wanted to stay there all day. It filled up without us even noticing but it  was all very organised and everyone seemed to be really enjoying it.

koh cocktails

The Drinks: 

There were so many options we had to ask for recommendations on this one. These are a little on the expensive side but worth it. These guys know what they are doing and you know they are quality when you are a tad tipsy after 3. Check out the selection here.  We highly recommend the Corto. Initially  a little skeptical of chocolate in drinks, we tried it as suggested by our waitress. This is weird but wonderful combination of Gosling rum/raspberry puree/pomegranate molasses/sugar syrup/Mozart chocolate bitters/swizzle/crushed ice and will definitely hit the spot.

The Best Part: 

This is a tough one but service alone would make you come back here even if everything else went wrong. Top notch, well informed staff who were cheerful and gracious. Big thank you to all the team for having us!

Rate The Place:

We rate it 10/10. For more information or to book visit: koh.ie 

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