When We Were Young

At 8 am I am alert but unreasonable, unnecessarily grouchy and best left to thaw out for a good few hours before any human contact. It was 8 am when I bumped into ‘Tim’. I was on a day off accompanying a friend to an appointment. I was wearing yesterdays clothes and the hunzo bun was a-go. The mere sight of him shocked me into a good mood and we hugged excitedly and promised to catch up asap.

I first met Tim when I was sixteen. We hung around in an alternative group of teens, going to live gigs and practicing all the words to System of a Down. Tim was nice, funny and a talented guitar player that dated the most beautiful of girls that wore his plectrums around their necks. Fast forward almost 10 years and Tim is now a renowned body builder with groupies and more popular than ever.

From the first message he was flirty but I was hesitant. He announced that it was a date and I blushed. We were planning to go for a cocktail and then tea in an attempt to be sensible adults. Work commitments made me re-schedule date 1 to a weekend night where he hinted at intimate cuddles. I politely reminded Tim of first date etiquette and bid goodnight to the hunk after a good creep on his Instagram.

The following morning I had a text from Tim which went along the lines of (I am ever so slightly paraphrasing) “Just wondering if you checked my Facebook and noticed that it says I am in a relationship for the last four years with this hottie and checking if you’re still OK with meeting up on Saturday because I still want to cheat on her I just want you to understand that I am only looking for the ride”.

That’s not the boy who shared his Pepsi Max or the guy who made everyone laugh and this doesn’t remind me of when we were young.


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