Sugar Daddy: Worth a Try?

THERE have more than a few articles in the press of late about students and low-income earners subsidising their lifestyle with sugar daddies. Curiosity and a tiny hint of jealousy of that lifestyle means I have decided to delve in a little deeper into this seemingly seedy world. This enquiry will take place over the course of one week starting today and I will update you as often as I can. Not to worry, I have no intention of meeting anyone from the site in person and have no desire to have an older gentleman pay for anything I do now or ever. I’m in the new-era feminism boat!

Firstly, to air on the side of caution, I have deactivated all my social media accounts/online dating profiles etc for fear they may be somehow eventually connected etc (yes, this may be a little dramatic). For step number two I’ve found a very old photo of myself which, in my opinion doesn’t look like me at all and chosen the fake name ‘Lucy Gray’ to represent the me which will be on the hunt for a handout (I am starting to like all this mysteriousness). Thirdly, I felt like I needed to do my research before I even started on this investigation. After trawling through 11 pages on google using the key words ‘Sugar Daddies Ireland’ and reading countless articles. I have settled on two sites: and

Day One:

Sugar Daddy forms are turning out to be the Fort Knox of online profiles. Maybe I am being a little too harsh but I did not expect setting up a ‘Sugar Baby’ profile to be this complicated. ‘What do you expect from your Sugar Daddy?’ Crikey – I don’t know but I settled for a timid ‘minimum requirements’ response. There was a background check – not sure what it did but it took 15 minutes to process. The photo I uploaded took three hours to be approved on Sugar Daddy Ireland and apparently will take up to 24 on Seeking arrangement. Next I was bombarded with adverts to their ‘partner’ and ‘sister’ sites. Yet more options to consider should you not find ‘exactly what you need in life’ on the one you chose.

Talk to you shortly if my photo passes the test! Fingers crossed…

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