Sugar Daddy: Fifty Shades of Adam

IT is week two and not only have I been invited on two overseas trips but the Christian Gray wannabes have reared their dominant heads. seems to be one the key places to find partners of the BDSM style. I have received essay detail describing what these men want and I would happily share, but the things I have heard wouldn’t even be published in Fifty Shades. This is a whole new world for me and I am glad to have tools such as Urban Dictionary and Pinot Grigio to help me on this trail.

I have to say I am starting to like a guy called Adam. Despite 8 unanswered messages, he cheekily proceeds to write at length about his apparently very powerful endowment. Adam is stuck in a world when all his friends are married and have done the grown up thing before he felt he was ready. He said he fell into a land of wealth and decided to party it all away, as he believes life is too short for sensibility. I admire that. Now he is slumped in his thirties and has too much money left, he’s not too keen on raves anymore and doesn’t want to put in the groundwork of a relationship as he as he confessed himself ‘is too used to everything being handed to him on a plate‘.

In a weird way, I can understand what brought him to this site and think it really is the perfect outlet for him. One line is his opening message really stuck with me: ‘I’m just an ordinary person like you would see hundreds walking on the street.‘ He tells me he doesn’t want happily ever after he just wants to pay for a service that suits him.

Maybe I am being too judgemental about these users. Adam has sent me three images of himself and if these photos are legit, he is an attractive, well-dressed guy that could have been that guy I smiled at in Starbucks this morning because he had a more complex coffee order then I did (trust me, that is difficult) or had I seen him in CopperFace Jacks on a Saturday night I might have even said hello.

Logging off again as I fear I am losing my mind.

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