Sugar Daddy: All Grown Up

SOB! My Sugar Daddy adventure has now come to an end. So long and the site that opened my eyes up to a world I didn’t want to know. Highlights from this site included a Sugar Mommy asking if I would be open to trying her side of things and promised it would be more satisfying then anything I would get from a Sugar Daddy. She attached images to prove this. I finally answered Adam and gave him some advice I really hope he takes but would imagine he won’t. I also suggested included downloading Tinder. After the month I spent on it, I have come to the conclusion that Tinder is probably just one little step classier than Seeking Arrangement.

From Sugar Daddy Ireland I will leave behind a trail of emails from HuggyBear, the 70-year-old with a walking stick who doesn’t have enough fun at home or in his government job. God bless him and his terrible abbreviations which I assume are his attempt to seem hip (no pun intended). I will miss chat up lines like “Have you always been this cute, or do you have to work at it?“ and compliments about my hair and probable potential in bed. I found it near impossible to actually delete my account so I just removed the photograph and hoped for the best.

From both sites I learned that some men are under the illusion that a paid service is not considered cheating on a partner and should be categorised under leisurely activities in the family budget. Should I believe what these men say some of their partners are in the know. As for the ones that are actually single, finding a sugar baby seems as ordinary a hobby as golf on the weekend or footie after work on a Tuesday. In the month I have been on both sites I received a combination of 18 emails asking me to upgrade my account and pay between 8 and 35 euros a month, which will help the ‘Knight in Shining Armour notice your profile‘.  They were also very helpful and suggested some similar sites. All in all an interesting experience. Must go, I have to figure out how to block all these inappropriate adverts and pop-ups!

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