Life, Dicktated

I’M just after reading The Game by Neil Strauss. It’s a true story of a shy, unattractive guy on a ever so eventful journey to become a renowned pick-up artist. He does this basically by viewing women as objects or targets. He categorises women by their appearance, social status etc.  Since this book is was published a good few years ago I will spare you a rant and instead take this time to appreciate the progress the world has made against ‘Dicktation’ in the last few years.


The movie that brought Disney into the reality that is 2014. It is ridiculously funny, it has got catchy songs and it has a snowman who dreams of being in the sun. For me, it all changed in the line ‘you can’t marry someone you just met’. Take that, Cinderella, who judged a guy purely on looks! Screw you, Sleeping Beauty, for letting your love life be decided by one kiss and definitely damn you Ariel for feeling the need to change everything you are to be with a man. If this film is to start a trend for movies to come, the little ones of this generation will grow up with a little bit of love logic.

Sheryl Sandberg

Most of us trying to make a career for ourselves are working our butts off in offices where men are still in all the hot seats. Sheryl’s book Lean In teaches women not to be afraid to put ourselves forward for the positions of power and points out how we are subconsciously placing ourselves on a lower pedestal than men and we need to stop. Yes, we are women and we need to know that shedding a few tears in the office does not mean that we are in anyway a less able sex. She also started the #banbossy campaign, for women in power in the workplace should be taken seriously, with or without heels.


A show that makes it okay for kids not to come from a ‘traditional’ setting. The mums of the show have full-time jobs. Rachel, the lead character has two gay dads, other character’s parents are divorced and remarried, others have just one parent and some are in serious financial difficulty. Its okay to be gay in Glee-land, it’s okay to talk to your cat, its okay to be autistic and basically different is the way to be, not popular and rich. The head cheerleader doesn’t always end up with the football captain.

The Royal Wedding

Along comes Kate Middleton and she deserves a round of applause for finally making classy the new sexy. Men want to marry her and women want to be her. She must have access to every designer in the world yet still chooses to re-wear outfits and shoes. Not only that but she has yet to wear a single seductive item of clothing, has a degree and appears well-spoken and mannerly in interviews and never acting like a spoilt princess.

Boyfriend Jeans

Because yes, women are allowed wear baggy jeans too and wear them with boxers showing their designer elastic and we can wear those jeans with a loose-fitting jersey and still look hot. It is time to move on, those of you still wearing leggings as pants. Life is not all about the junk in your trunk.

Jenna Marbles’ Vlog

In just a single video upload she was an internet sensation. Her 3 minute video ‘How to trick people into thinking you’re good looking‘ made every viewer gasp. Jenna demonstrated we make ourselves into ‘human optical illusions’ and end up looking nothing like ourselves. She is right, the majority of us slap on an enormous amount of make-up, fake tan, lashes, hair extensions and god knows what else before we go on a night out. It made men worry and women paranoid. Lets be proud of our  #nomakeupselfies girls!

The Revival of the WAG

Once a gang of beauty queens who lived a life of leisure, women like Cheryl Cole and Amy Huberman have kicked that WAG stereotype right off the pitch with acting, writing and singing careers equalling their partner’s success and fame.

Women Authors

It seems that the ladies have dominated the fiction charts for the last number of years. J.K. Rowling took over the world with the Harry Potter saga, then along came Stephanie Meyer with some vampire love. After all that, Suzanne Collins joined in with The Hunger Games trilogy. Hats off to you ladies, for allowing us all to turn a new chapter.

It’s time to get your pen out again, Neil Strauss!

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