Cheaters Gonna Cheat

DON’T you feel guilty?” Someone asked a friend when she mentioned she was getting knee deep into a not-relationship with a not-so-single guy.

It seems a fairly standard question to ask someone involved in an affair these days but a very unfair one when you think about it. I’m not promoting the idea of getting with someone in a relationship, especially since I’ve been stung by that behaviour before. But why should she be the one that is ashamed? She is single and free to be with whomever she chooses. To answer the question; no, she doesn’t feel guilty. Maybe it could be seen as being selfish but perhaps here would be a good time to point out that his relationship is not her problem. End of discussion. He is the one choosing to be unfaithful. Yet, if his girlfriend did find out, I bet you a tenner that the anger would be directed at my friend and not him.

The land of the internet makes it much easier for people to cheat without getting caught. Texting people on viber or whatsapp leaves no trace on the phone bill. Now you can arrange a date/hookup in less than 30mins with someone you have never met before on Tinder. Perhaps romance is dying a digital death but I think a 30-minute text chat is slightly better conduct than a slobbery shift in a night club at 2am. First dates now are as easy to set up as a hair appointment. You pick one that is at a convenient time and location and don’t do anything too dramatic for fear you won’t like it.  The date has no strings attached, and you can even check if you have mutual friends and avoid that person if necessary.

It seems as though the word relationship isn’t so sacred after all. Lots of people are coasting along and getting into mediocre relationships filled with drama and flaws because God forbid we get to thirty and are not married like every other Irish person. Call me unrealistic but I am not going near anyone that isn’t 98% perfect and completely knocks me off my feet. Just like there is a lobster for every other lobster, there is someone out there who I would happily merge my name with like one of those celeb couples.

Remember when you were sixteen and a bad night in the disco meant you only kissed five people and all your friends got 10? Girls didn’t think they were being slutty then so stop bashing each other now ladies. Let’s relive our youth and all go kissing our way through the crowd until the sparks fly.

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